SR 500

Horizontal packaging machine SR 500 is the ideal machine to be put in completely automatic packaging lines.

- Manufactured in stainless steel and aluminum, it has cantilevered groups, easy to replace and sanitize, with independent motorization.

- In this configuration, the machine allows to align, phase and pack products like biscuits, chocolate bars, etc., reaching speeds up to 400 bpm.

- The system consists of 4 composable modules, for a total of 10 axis, of which 7 are brushless, and that grant the perfect detection and successive phased positioning of the product in the flow-pack machine.

- Management software has been specially designed to minimize the operators’ intervention during production. One only controller manages all axis and is interfaced with a 10” colored touch screen. The system can also be managed and controlled remotely and can be integrated to the company net.